Cognitive Bias Modification (CBM) is an effective and evidence-based behavioural technology for reducing anxiety and depression.  CBM can be used as a stand-alone mental health treatment or added to existing mental health treatments such as medication or psychotherapy.  Effective CBM facilitates the retraining of both Attentional Biases and Interpretive Biases.

This website will be updated as soon as we begin our fundraising campaign.  Our aim is to make evidence-based behavioural technologies such as CBM available to the public through handheld devices such as mobile phones and tablets.  For the present moment, you can follow our research by viewing and subscribing to our Blog page.

We invite app developers to join us to help transform our research into digital handheld technologies.  If you are a developer and interested in collaborating with us then please submit an enquiry through our Contact page.

Together, we can change the lives of mental health consumers around the world.